LAST RIZLA "Self-titled" (DIY)

In the six tracks of this EP, Last Rizla prove themselves to be a multiformative group. They incorporate the musical fabric which allows them to move under a common vision. And they are multiformative without acting musical aerialisms from one genre to another. Their music is personal although some of their influences can be traced. One could describe them as mystagogical. In my ears, for example, many are the times that they sound as the slightly heavier version of “Jalamanta” (copy-book album of Brant Bjork). Some other times, I believe them to Tool-ify themselves. Without trying to become a band like Tool, though. For sure, they are narrative. I’d prefer the guitars of this EP mixed at least a tone up. I’ve attended live performances of those boys and I could swear that tracks such as “Nine One One” blast when they are on stage related to the recorded version. They own the ideas but not the sound unfortunately. And no one can blame them for that as, I guess, they are one more example of musicians who strugle by their own to achieve what they dig. I guess again with no kind of effort. From what I could detect (once I don’t own the lyrics) they also are sensitised at social issues lyrically. “Hypoxic” track, I hope I don’t mistake, offends a recent tragic happening which took place in Greece. Wish the kids they can find the technical support (forwhy they don’t lack in compositive ability) and that they will soon offer us some recording shit of which we’ll be proud as domestic scene. Check them out at any live show anyway. Wish them the best.

Miltos XIC - 14/20

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