Interview: Necrophobic Revulsion

Necrophobic Revulsion is a death metal band now. At least that’s what Dimitris (drums) claims them to be. Having shed off their lean grind past, with a new bassist filling their line-up voids, they wish to create good music for themselves initially and thereupon for the metal audience. The words belong to them…

Necrophobic Revulsion armed with a brand new line-up. Introduce yourselves if you please.

You could have said hello initially. Necrophobic Revulsion is consisted of the following: Marios on guitars, Vassilis on vocals, Dimitris on drums and George is our new bassist player.

Up ’till now, one promo CD, participation in two different CD-R compilations and one 4-way split. How are things going anyway?

See, those participations was something we’re glad for but we certainly don’t stop at that point. It might have been early for us to release certain things but we are currently working on new material.

You’re moving in a genre where hyper-cult bands like Death Courier are also part of. Have you any proposals that may concern someone in foreign ground?

The new line-up has changed a lot of stuff in many issues. Concerning the proposals from the foreign ground, there’s nothing more than just those compilations participations.

Would you like talking us about the composure procedure of a Necrophobic Revulsion song?

Until recently, music was mainly composed by our drummer and guitarist. I mean Marios brought the riff and it was commonly worked along with me. This has now changed since all of the members take part in the composure. George forced us into that, I could say. The distance that keeps us apart is a serious fact one must consider of. Generally, though, music is now mainly composed by George and Marios, I fill the drum themes while Vassilis writes the lyrical stuff and sometimes contributes in the creation of the songs.

What kind of subjects are the lyrics affecting?

The lyrics are of political and social nature. Religious and military also. In fact, the themes inside the lyrics vary due to the mood and feeling scent from each song. We are somehow moving through such subjects.

You had released your promo work in mini-CD. This is a fetish for many. Do you consider to act alike in the future for any of your releases?

We don’t really know. For sure, though, we plan something better in production and recording procedure in general.

The last new track we listened from Necropbic Revulsion is “Dominant Disaffection”. It’s been a long since then. At what stage is the band currently?

Let’s just say that it begins from that point somehow. Haha… You probably don’t understand a shit but that’s the answer. We’ve written a hell of a shit since then and we decided to begin from the point we were at that time. Always under a new line-up, though.

On your MySpace page you are self-introduced as a death metal/grind band. What influences you the most though and why does that happen?

I’d say that grind doesn’t affect us that much anymore. Mostly death metal. Our sound is more influenced from death metal now than ever. Even more classic I’d say.

Talking about the universal scene, what has influenced you. Name us some of your music idols.

If we ever started talking about what has influenced us we w ould probably fill about 2 pages of paper. We are influenced from Bolt Thrower to Morbid Angel, from Six Feet Under to whatever is referred to Max Cavalera. So, the influences are many and various.

I wish you the best. Add what you dig.

Thank you so much for this and we generally thank you for letting us speak for ourselves and that you were keen to listen. For the end, we wish upon everyone this: Ante Health!!!!

Interview by Miltos XIC

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