GOMGOMA "Sick Theories" promo CD


The first promo CD of Gomgoma, “Sick Theories” is released.

Gomgoma are from Greece and play doom/sludge music. The band released this promo in seven different color tints on the cover and the whole work is totally hand-made.

Promo info:
Recorded and engineered by Dimitri Fotopoulos at Sfageio Studios, Chalkida.
Artwork design by Giorgo Oiljohn. Artwork correction by Milto Papayiannopoulos and Vassili Chasapis.
Additional choruses in the Dwarf Epiklesis by Takis, Tost, Thomas and Billy.
Effects in the Dwarf Epiklesis by Dimitri Fotopoulos.

1. Sick Theory Perpetuity
2.Body Halving (for the Masses)

Copies almost sold out.
You can download the promo for free, of course.

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