YAKUZA "Of Seismic Consequence" (Profound Lore)

Paring away any taboo of certain categories concerning Yakuza’s musical spoors, I have to admit they are so damn exciting in their new effort. Even if not that heavy as their beautifully obscurant debut album, they still carry the progressive element of their unique sound through new dimensions. Still into a medley of metal storms, they’ve overspent the Pink Floyd spirit onto saucy, tribal rhythms. Their music though is inner and immense. The record’s compositions blow hot and cold and in tracks like “Thinning the Herd” we can even listen to some inspired black metal riffology. Colossal doom phrases like the ones of “Farewell to the Flesh” imbue the atmosphere with aural sickness and psychedelic inhibitory break-outs paint the tunes with moroseness. Bruce Lamont’s performance is once again more than just good. His crashing vocal tone supports the dressed in black tracks the best way possible. Those who support the band from the very beginning possibly love Yakuza due to the unorthodox sax use. Well, I can almost claim that this experiment is utterly achieved and completed in “Of Seismic Consequence”. Solitary, trippy sounds of a haunted saxophone drib death and curses from an other universe. One of the small, HUGE bands of our times.

Miltos XIC

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