Well, it kind of started somewhat differently. There were times whence I forged myself into musical discriminations and forced this to post some small reviews about exact indigenous musical excretions that I believe they needed further support. The rightest word to be used among these lines is simply love, though. Those small texts are going to be (re)posted on this blog page. Soon, there will be more with additional help from a friend of mine. Hopefully, the company is going to get even bigger. This WebZine will be a different effort than the miscellany work done on my personal blog page. And that has to be clear.
Respectfully, Lefteris is chosen as brand collaborator in this effort since he admittedly has put himself to a timeless musical test. We’re going to further review (or post our opinion) albums from a whole lotta scene, not only from the domestic one (even if we’ve chosen this to be our main exposure theme).
So until the plan is completed in the pace of sloth, we hope you dig what you read.
Miltos XIC
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