MAGMA "K.A." (Le Chant du Monde)

Magma's musical perception is somehow alien. It's as if they've built a whole musical world the amplitude of which is beyond any common human mind. Their compositions are of a crystallized, yet chaotic nature. Operatic vocals (both male and female) expressed in more abstract forms of course, over a progressive musical sheet provide such an advancement in each song that actually lead to an indeficient sonic result. They are considered as pre-eminently pioneers in the big prog family even though it's very hard to categorize their prodigious music. I stongly believe the band's rhythm section to power the songs they've created, yet the group comprises some of the most inspired and talented musicians of all times. If I were to parallel their music with another act, I'd have to mention mighty Gong whose work is beyond criticism - especially their "You" album back in 1974. In Magma's "K.A." you can enjoy three long tracks which include menacing and dramatic moments. I don't know how much in demand they are but surely Magma have gained a cult following, sometimes supported by phenomenally irrelevant to their style people. Just watch Castevet's mainman, Andrew Hock, and you'll get the point.

Miltos XIC

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