Interview: Angstridden

Marios is one of the best indigenous drummers, in my opinion. Even if Angstridden’s “Fuck Humanity with Pride” album seems to be the handle for this interview, Marios dropped some things for his other two bands also. His good taste in music has led him to some fabulous performances and his sincerity lightens a bit what’s actually happening in the musical circles he’s been part of. Onwards!

Hi, Marios.

I want to begin the interview like this: I wanna THANK you, bro, from the bottom of my guts for showing the right interest about the bands and the music!!! That means a fuckin’ lot, believe me!!! I”ll try not to tire you with my answers so I’m gonna be as comprehensive, articulate and brief as possible.

Actively, you’re now part of three killer bands which differ one from another. How do you achieve this?

First of all it’s the TRUE LOVE for the music, bro!! That simple. We’re ONLY in it for the fuckin’ music, and apart from that it is a fact that those those 3 bands won’t ever get on a fully restricted program of ”rehearsing-recording a new album-then touring” as many bands do, for so many reasons, so it’s kinda easy to get along with that situation.

Let’s begin this interview with Angstridden. You are already aware of my sensation for the album. What vibes have you procured so far?

Honestly, the vibes that we are getting from that release are only positive and that is FUCKIN GREAT!!! We are very pleased with that because we suffered a lot to get to the point of releasing that E.P., so it’s soothing to get that kind of feedback! We have read only positive reviews so far and heard only kind words about the band!

After the positive comments Snorre (Thorns) did for your music, are you stressed at all?

Oh yeah, bro! DEFINETELY!!! I just can’t believe it, even now! But let me tell you that: If I won’t see Snorre telling it in front of me (which is something I don’t see happening ever), I can’t believe a fuckin’ word, hahahahahahahahaha!

Truly, how hard is this for you to orchestrate such twisted riffs?

It’s not that difficult as it seems. I think if the so called “chemistry” within the band is the right one and the love for music is granted by all, then it is something that comes without pushing yourself and your powers to do. There is not a specific recipe for creating our music, only those 2 things that I mentioned.

Are you and TFZ still considered to be the only stable members of the band?

Yes, and that is the situation up until now but also what will be in the future. We can’t forget the GREAT contribution of our 2 other members, but all the aesthetics and style of our music, lyrics and arrangements comes SOLELY from me and TFZ. So, it is not unfair to say that the 2 stable members are me and TFZ. We are the heart and soul of this band.

What about the split with Plutonium? Will the release day be further late?

It is a strange situation that one because PLUTONIUM are busy right now releasing their new album, so I don’t know how long will it take to release with them that split, or if we even release it together. We might find an other band to do so.

Chapter 2: You know, Extreme Violence are missed to some. What’s exactly going on with the band?

Well, that one is kinda complicated. But I’m gonna be absolutely honest. After one live show that we did in Houten, HOLLAND, in 2007, some internal problems came to the surface. We started growing apart from each other, firstly as friends, and then as a band. It is not exactly certain which was the reason that we went that way but I guess it’s the thing that even if you are the best friends with an other person that doesn’t mean that you aren’t so different personalities… Every one has his specific views about life and things in general, his certain habits…and that can be a reason that you can’t get along any more with each other… I mean, it’s just human relationships, man, so that thing and some other reasons that aren’t needed to be quoted right now, lead to such an inactivity for the band that grows on up until now that we are talking. We made a brief discussion about starting the band again about 3 months ago but only time will tell… It’s difficult…

What could force a fourteen years-old child like you to co-establish such a brutal act?

The love for music, bro! The love for such bands as CANNIBAL CORPSE, SUFFOCATION, NAPALM DEATH, BRUTAL TRUTH, TERRORIZER and so on… Also the fact that we wanted to do something different from the kids of our age and of our small shitty town here! Something that would destroy the boredom that you can feel by living in a small town.

May I suppose that, rightly or wrongly, Extreme Violence will ever be your “home”?

No, you shouldn’t assume that. EXTREME VIOLENCE may be my “first love” but the band that I “feel like home” is certainly ANGSTRIDDEN.

How do you perceive the “Ecstasy in Pain” album after these years?

I see it as one of the first REALLY brutal death metal albums that were released from Greece along with the “Circle Of Perversion” album of the mighty and fellow bros INVERACITY and the “Human Consumes Human” album by the awesome HOMO IRATUS.

With Bag A Head, you released a fabulous straight forward record. Any comments?

I am EXTREMELY pleased with that release!!! I also have the best drum sound that I’ve ever had in an album! I think that release is a perfect combination of different influences from the extreme sound and extreme music in general. I am proud of being a part of this band and album.

Is there some kind of future for this band? I mean, such time of abstention off of stages makes us wonder a bit…

I hope there will be a future for BAG A HEAD because I think we have some different things to “offer” as a band. What I mean is that we are not the band that will invent a completely new sound or genre but we combine different sounds and influences in a good and refreshing way.

What’s cropping your CD player lens nowadays?


Epilogue. Add what you dig.

I guess we covered up all the issues about the bands and what’s the current state and plans for each one of them! I want to say THANK you again, bro, for this KILLER interview and just KEEP ON SUPPORTING GOOD MUSIC AND BANDS FOR ALL ETERNITY! Cheerz, and I wish the BEST personal achievements for you in EVERY aspect of your life musically and personally!

Interview by Miltos XIC

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