DEATHSPELL OMEGA "Paracletus" (Norma Evangelium Diaboli)

I’ve had it. Housing the new Deathspell Omega excretion in your CD player is something you should seriously have a second thought on. The himatia of secret knowledge have been worn and Deathspell Omega teach us of tales unbeknownst. The shocking “Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice” and “Fas – Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeturnum” are both immortalized. “Paracletus” comes to fulfill the intoxicating trilogy the best way possible. The compositions sometimes act like the swirling beast that devours everything and some other times they seem to praise solitude in bitter solemnity. Inhuman Hasjarl is responsible for the band’s disharmonies which consociate a so black mood and atmosphere. At times, the typical black metal fans may frown. But Hasjarl and co. seek no mercy in their suporters’ hearts. The twisted musical parts of Deathspell Omega’s compositions never aimed at ears easy of success. The triteuch unholy bible of darkness radiant French secludes the senses through a spate of of meanings totally expressed on musical action and sang epistles from tamed Aspa. Even if not at the same levels of inspiration as their previous “Fas – Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeturnum”, Deathspell Omega release an album which should not be considered neither hyposthenic nor intenerated. Their intended, strategically designed plan to settle all things is anyway declared through the title of this record’s closing track, “Αποκατάστασις Πάντων”. Though, the structure of their musical chaos is yet to be analyzed. The Devil is in the details.

Miltos XIC

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