GRANICUS "Self-titled" (RCA)

I always believed that some “so called” artists never deserved the attention needed in order to set them as established musicians or idols nowadays. Some of them are now praised and honoured with not so beseeming terms concerning what they have offered so far. Many would beside themselves if I’d say that Rolling Stones and Deep Purple are among those “so called” artists. Especially Rolling Stones who have no reason of (musical) existence. They’ve never had, in fact. OK, call me stupid but that’s my humble opinion. Back to the 70′s, there were some amazing bands which unfortunately split up either for personal reasons or because they never got enough support on their music. Anyway, we can’t crucify people for the likes they’re into at certain times. Granicus is one faired band. And they’re an incredible band, for sure. They have only released the presented record which contains eight hymns of rock music which have nothing to be jealous of similar bands/artists acting at the same time. Built with stark, heavy riff-ology and vocal lines that rev up towards the stars, Granicus created an unerring, classic record. Of course, Granicus’ followers may not be that few since many people appreciate this record as a buried masterpiece. Utterly perfect, this record is proceeded from the very souls of the band’s members and that is obvious due to the performances. Granicus were endowed with such talent which could easily lead them to the top. This is a so stained with inspiration record and all those who seek some heavy vintage shit so nostalgically are going to love this one. Of course, I’d persist with the belief that Granicus could offer so much more to the musical world than Rolling Stones or Deep Purple did (both are just two examples). Indisputably.

Miltos XIC

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