DANAVA "UnonoU" (Kemado)

The algous times we live in are, for sure, in need of a saviour. Danava may be considered as modern saviours. Still, though, they are carpeted with the vintage colours of dateless artists. It is somehow different to describe exactly what they are actually playing. I’d call this just rock music. Not hollowly flowered. “UnonoU” is exemplary. Cheered between Van Der Graaf Generator and Black Sabbath, this record is nervously broadcasted. Despite the sources from which they’re lent their influences, the music of Danava could have built an entire new genre. The songs are electrified and the band’s batty mainman is indeed the main leader of Danava’s den. I mean, the guy sings in avowed sensation, almost builds riffs with a lead guitar and plays some fabulous, arcane key parts. What the fuck? Truly led by the stars, Danava aggregate an enviable amount of 70′s music. Their performance is beset by glory. This is one of the most adventurous albums I’ve ever listened to. In these empty times we live, Danava may be cussed to never know success. At least not the one they deserve. I’m totally persuaded though, that this album will be memorized in the near, or far, future as one of the greatest ever released. Yeah, I do bet on this. Ignore any doodad offered. This is a true musical ornament.

Miltos XIC

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