DAWNBRINGER "Nucleus" (Profound Lore)

Dawnbringer are Chris Black’s spiritual child, for sure. Who is Chris Black anyway? He’s been a session drummer inNachtmystium and he is also drummer of Pharaoh (with Tim Aymar on vocals). In Dawnbringer, Chris Black writes the music, the lyrics, he sings, he plays drums and the bass also. “Nucleus” is fully into heavy metal music and its audience can bring tears in the eyes of fans. The introducing “So Much for Sleep” starts with a top Maiden-like riff and evolves into a heavy metal cyclone. “You Know Me” keeps up on up-tempo touch and prepares the ground for the glory of “The Devil” – the fury of which gives space for some blast themes. When “Swing Hard” took place, I began thinking once again the grand riffs off of Iron Maiden’s “Powerslave” album. Built with alike elements of powerfulness, “Nucleus” manages to impress with its directness. Some acoustic lapses and thrillings rhythms -like the one in “Cataract”- fortify the senses. The great guitar work must be mentioned also. In fact, the guitars are so well germed in Dawnbringer’s music that they seem to be the leading instrument in their musical orgy. Moreover, this record is attired with a bad-ass production which will travel you back in the 80s. Surely, “Nucleus” has been one of the best releases of the previous year.

Miltos XIC

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