PLANET OF ZEUS "Eleven the Hard Way" (Casket Music / Copro)

Planet of Zeus is a kick-ass band. In greece, the last years many bands have come to sight and especially in the stoner (or heavy rock) space. Generally, there’s a respective blooming and some alike support which, in my opinion, unfortunately seems to be a bit saturated. I mean that among the bands that represent the mentioned genre, the same fans seem to be recycled. I’ve attended much of those bands’ live performances and Planet of Zeus are one of them that made sense to me. “Eleven the Hard Way” is the band’s first album and it’s utterly professional. It will please any fan of heavy rock music since it affords so nice riff-ology, catchy melodies and good production. Planet of Zeus are influenced from Black Sabbath (in fact, everyone is influenced from Black Sabbath), Down, Kyuss e.t.c. Moreover, the form of songs reminded me a lot of Corrosion of Conformity. The vocals are pretty good but the truth is that I wouldn’t miss some clean vocal lines since, I believe, when Babis chooses to yell he’s surely more expressive. I’ve seen two or maybe three gigs of this band and I can say that on stage their songs breathe differently. If you dig such musical stuff then you should attend some live show of the band and those guys won’t disappoint you. They are energetic and they possess THE RIGHT BEHAVIOUR! “Eleven the Hard Way” is a fucking cool record and perhaps a great companion for the upcoming summer.

Miltos XIC

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