PRURIENT "Rose Pillar" (Heartworm Press)

The pillion of this astral vehicle is somehow soothing for the body. Though, “Rose Pillar” is the soundtrack of a story with no happy ending. It traduces reality with its retiring woe. The fire that reeks with pain is sung in these spalled parts of music. This tragedy may lead to some flaccid paralysis. I’ve probably made a big mistake that I listened to this record for “Rose Pillar” is one of those pains man’s got to taste of, at times. It never obviates your destination. It’ll be ever there to mournfully weep over that missing something. That something which we don’t know what it is. I don’t know the intention of Prurient also. Their ceremonial, demon jink, though, maltreats the senses through harmful ways. Your iophobia will be rewarded with the worst poison. Your mind will born such innate terrors that your hypostatic worries will be hunted down. This terrifying noise/ambient piece of music is holily constructed to serve some ceratin mood. That’s what all kinds of music do, in fact. But this one is the nightmare that hollers inside you like there’s no tomorrow. Haunted and haunting at the same time.

Miltos XIC

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