DEATHHAMMER "Phantom Knights" (Witches Brew)

This almost vibrated my bones. I always wanted to check Deathhammer out but recently I managed to listen to their “Phantom Knights” album. This vile excretion, though, was a big surprise for me. To tell the truth, some months ago, I was shocked by the technical approach in thrash metal in Vektor’s “Black Future” album. In fact, I was deeply touched by that vocal performance ala Don Doty (ex-Dark Angel) that can actually bring tears in the eyes of the unconcerned. Now guess what! Same thing happens again. Sergeant Salsten also sings in the same sick way. Deathhammer are proved to be triumphant over the trite thrash metal melodies of today’s music which seem to have become swoted up replicas of The Haunted or something like that. Fuck me! This got me by the balls. More brutal and raw than Vektor, of course, the sinister hymns of Deathhammer openly aim at the genre’s sunk aggressiveness. These guys pounce on those overprized bands like a beast. They are oblivious of this old musical menace and they grab the chance to sour the new standards. The introducing “Gates of Hades” track starts off with a vocal scream similar to Slayer’s classic, “Angel of Death“. I couldn’t but laugh in benignity because these motherfuckers have actually managed, within few seconds, to expose such power that it devours the whole musical aridity of the last years. Their sound is really big and they’re a fucking duet!!! Don’t ignore this. It exceeds in aesthetics. Buy it.

Miltos XIC

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