CZAR "Self-titled" (Progressive Line)

With the first notes of “Tread Softly On My Dreams” song, one band came in my mind and that’s no other than progressive pioneers, King Crimson. I might of yelled something like a “Holy fuck! I found out the lost musical brother of 21st Century Schizoid Man” or something like that. One thing is for sure, though – the introducing song’s main riff can kill a bull from a distance of some few kilometers away. Bob Hodges’ company moves through a beautiful minimal delirium wherein the development of each tune is so smartly achieved. We’re talking about HARD music of times now forgotten. You’ll even find out some short ceremonial key parts performed by Czar’s mainman. Of course, the band’s levels fail to reach the peak of musical parts ala King Crimson but they still please with the heart and soul they’re made of. I really dig Mick Ware’s guitar sound which is clean and at the same time raw and that’s something you don’t often see in bands of that age. Czar’s debut album can be also considered slightly psychedelic due to the inspired lead parts as well as the key chords. Cecelia’s main vocal line after 6:50 reminds me of Dream Theater’s Home from the album “Metropolis pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory” but that may be something you’re not really concerned of. Anyway, give Czar a chance and even if you don’t get that much of excitement you will at least dig this somehow.

Miltos XIC

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