Interview: Earth of Distrust

Earth of Distrust is a fucking great band. These guys happen to be friends of mine and have, AT LAST, released their debut full-length, “Proselytize”. The impatience is over. They are now ready to demand the audience’s absorption. The words belong to the band’s mainman, Spoonman (guitar, vox). Enjoy…

Who proselytizes whom exactly?

Modern society proselytizes the people to a bunch of fake ideas, religions and false beliefs. We all can see where this world is coming to and this is the reason why we believe in nothing (that also explains the word “distrust” in our name). You can see that in a symbolic way at the album cover. You can also say that Earth Of Distrust proselytizes the youth to their sounds, something like a new heresy, he he!

It’s been awhile that you’re working on the record. How are you feeling now that at last it’s completed? What’s your expectations?

I finally feel kinda free. We worked hard for the album and we went through a lot of difficulties but now that we’ve got it on our hands it seems that a new era starts. I don’t really know if I feel complete and fulfilled, though. Maybe if we made the album from scratch right now it would be better and different (and this is the musician’s curse you know). I hope everything will turn out well with the album. Everything went on well with the demo, so why not? I think it is good work and it is worth listening.

How exactly would you describe this you play? It’s not that easy to be given some kind of term, you know…

Well….I don’t think I can put a label on our music. We are hardcore based, but this is only the start. We mix hardcore, crust, metal, stoner and doom along with rock touches and post rock. Sludge also seems to be part of our music. Well man, I still don’t know and we don’t really care about that. We just play the music that comes out from our hearts and that’s it.

Your relation with the stages is pretty good. I suppose, now you’ve got to sweep them in order to support the new record, huh?

We love playing live, this is true. And yes, now that we’ve got the album ready it is a good chance to perform some more. We are trying to arrange some live appearances right now, but there is nothing I can tell you for sure yet. We really hope we can come to your hometown once more by the way!

How did you come in contact with Scott Hull?

We had a little chat with Phillip Cope of Kylesa through the internet last winter and he suggested that we should contact Scott Hull for the mastering of the album. We sent him an email and he answered immediately. This is the story.

Are you satisfied with the work he’s done?

Yes of course! And he did the mastering really really fast and the way it should be. He certainly was the best partner in this album and he is cool, too.

Since I haven’t yet read the lyrics, could you tell us what they’re about?

Personal matters, worries, prediction of destruction, love in a sick way, darkness…Everything given through our bitter and black humorous prism in a symbolic way.

All this time you’ve been preparing your first full-length. Did some new material come off? I mean, will you still be late to release something completely new?

Don’t worry about that. We already have got some new songs and some others that were left off the album. It is still early to talk about a new release but we have plans for this already. We will be quicker this time, ha ha!

At your live performances you have covered songs from Pink Floyd to Eyehategod. Really…WHAT are you listening to?

Well, actually all kinds of music. We have some common favorites in metal and hardcore but we have also got some personal favorites. For instance, Thomas listens to everything from Massacre to Josh Stone! Vasilis likes reggae and dub music and I like crust punk and grind. Every kind of music spins on our decks depending the timing and our mood. The funny thing is to see us listening to music in the car on our way to a gig…Greek funny music and singalong ha ha!

In Deus Ignotus are you a full-time member or just a guest one? Your voice actually fits perfectly to their black metal style.

Deus Ignotus is Reshep and Xolpheroth. End of story. I am a session member, but I will continue singing with them as I think they are a great band and we have common taste in music, unless they decide something else. For the time being, they are about to release a split e.p. with Abnorm from France with me taking the vocal duties. Check it out.

The Brightly Shining Sea; You know, you’ve made some people go mad out there…

Oh thank you man! We tried hard with the guys from The BSS and I think that the songs that were included in our e.p were cool. Crazy music for non comformist people. This phrase is what came in mind for now. We are preparing more , stay tuned.

Any new musical suggestion? Indigenous or not.

I would suggest Dark Castle and Twilight. That’s what is spinning in my player this week. As far as the Greek scene is concerned I would suggest Universe 217, Need, Inveracity, Tenderness of Wolves, Heavensore and Ruined Families (I would say more but they are too many to mention here).

The end is all yours. Be all well, Spoon.

Thanks for the interview Miltos! For anyone that wants to grab the album, just contact us here: and Cheers and growls from ExOxDx!!!

Interview by Miltos XIC

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