INTO THE GORE "Bureau of Disgust" (Venerate)

LaFount has a BIG VOICE! “Bureau of Disgust” is the second full-length of Into the Gore and is actually moving through the traditional grind delirium as taught by arch-craftsmen like Napalm Death. All the tracks have small length and the band seems to really know the music its members play. The vocal lines are alterated from ripped ones to battle cries. The stringed instruments set a celebration of fast rhythms and seldom they break into short beat down parts. The drums flatten everything that tries to delay the pace of the rhythms. The record floats normally and there wasn’t even a time that I got bored with this. In fact, it sounds pretty infuriated and in-your-face, perhaps due to the death of the band’s guitarist, Michael Xidas (R.I.P.) in 2005. The album’s layout is much beautiful and all the songs are dressed up with a strong production from Giorgos Briggos who has truly done some excellent and professional work. I think that will be the last album for Into the Gore since the band has decided not to move on. So, that’s a pretty good chance for you to listen to a band which could probably gift us more nice grind records. Did I mention the fact that LaFount has a BIG VOICE?

Miltos XIC

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