Interview: Ruined Families

This is hardcore. And that's an interview with Ruined Families' member, Takis. Enjoy.

Although I have already read about some of your musical influences, I would like you to mention those constituting the sound of RF.

The main and greatest influence for us is the mutual connection with each other. Most of all, we have a really nice relationship and the constantly evolving environment that we create with each other and as a unit is the main place of influence for the band as a whole. Apart from that, our musical influences are pretty varied. We like stuff like Born Against, Acme, My Bloody Valentine, Unbroken, Ampere, The Jesus Lizard, Darkthrone and Interpol. Nirvana play a big part in our sound too.

I'll start with the lyrics which I liked very much. I dig some direct messages which occur after reading them (to me at least). Do you think that young men walk alone?

I think my lyrics are really personal, but, i believe that people can reflect and interpret them in their own way which is a good thing. I believe that the man of our age lives alone inside a well-built society of non-working relationships and social circles. People live with different profiles for every cause: real-life, internet, business, dating, friendship. All these people within one person make it difficult to recognize real personality. Also, there's no real need for other people except for self affirmation. Misery loves company only when company is comprehending misery. People enjoy to see other people miserable. The idea of loneliness and misery sells and makes it a way to gain attention. People starve for recognition, they're not really miserable.With such different characters and personal systems of understanding it's difficult to say that people are united with each other by emotions as every person feels differently for the same thing. Also, people lack quantity in contact and are overwhelmed by a great amount of bad contact. The internet makes everything even worse. The perception of loneliness and the awareness of it is much harder than the actual loneliness in company.

Did the formation of the band emerge by luck or under a certain purpose/need?

We have all played in different bands together or separately and we all wanted to unite in a working vehicle that would approach aggressive music, so, it all came really easy. As for the purpose, everything works for a purpose.

I'm glad you avoided the so typical Hatereed-Beatdown "trap" of hardcore. If you ask me, you're the best domestic act I've listened to as regards the genre. What's your relationship with this "side" of hardcore music?

I think we have a whole lot of different approach in the term "Hardcore" just to start. Some of us were listening to some of their songs when younger, but, they never inspired us. We approach hardcore in a different way. We approach the anger, tension and despair of Hardcore music with a more romantic way, even if that sounds contradictory or annoying.

How did the name of the band come up and what does this symbolize?

A friend of mine asked me if it sounds painful and dramatic on purpose and if it's provocative. When i think about it i believe that it might sound a bit like this, but, i think that it pretty much characterizes the sound and the aesthetics of the band. If it's provocative, let it be. I can think of a lot of bands that get you instantly in a vibe from when you first hear their name. It's not at all a bad thing to drag the listener into certain vibes that you create, if you can support them. As for the name itself, i think it's a pretty bold statement about the tradition of family, which is one of the most established traditions of this world. I don't think that there are happy families.

Is it my idea or is there some kind of flirt with black metal also? Particularly with the 00's US scene...

Black metal has been rising silently during the past years and i think that a lot of bands tend to produce good records, especially those that take black metal into another level. All of us really enjoy several USBM bands of the last years. I think that Black Metal starts to get credited as a market in music nowadays and more and more people give credit. We try to embrace its nerve, coldness and atmosphere up to a level where we can support it.

What shall we expect from RF in the future? I've read that your guitarist is actually serving his military services so I suspect that the live appearances would be less frequent for awhile. Where do you plan to get with the band?

Our guitarist is spending some time serving the army at a coastal army camp near Athens. Inevitably, this keeps us away from shows for some time, but, we play in a great DIY fest in Patra next week and possibly some more shows. We got a 7" record that will be out sometime soon and then we'll try to do the things bands are supposed to do.

Ask yourself what you haven't heard so far and reply to this.

What is the question that answers every question? -Does this really matter?

Propose us, if you will, some nice records you've found out recently.

I listen to a lot of new stuff all the time. Here are some stuff that made an impression to me lately: A lot of stuff that came out on Level Plane records, Unwound, Scorpion Violente, Raw Moon, Shaved Women, MNMNTS, Merchandise, The Replacements, Twilight, Drainland, Night Birds.

I've got nothing else to add. I wish you achieve the best with each one of your releases and the best for each one of you personally. Close this interview as you wish.

Thank you very much for the great interview. Start a revolution in your home.

Interview by Miltos XIC

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