RAMESSES "Possessed by the Rise of Magik" (Ritual)

They are the new leaders. No Compromise. Heming around a black metal aura with horrific, primitive British doom riffs, more impish now than ever before. Ramesses' new face is implacable. All the bands of the doom/sludge genre have got to labour under the incomparable power of this trio. This raw musical piece of art is something more than just rehearsal holdovers, it turns out to become a ritual. I don't even know whether this was a single or common vision but all three members of the band held together perfectly in order to give life to this opus. Even if Ramesses were promoted as Electric Wizard's ex-rhythm section new project, Adam Richardson's persona is proved to be larger than life. His vocal performance habits the band's doomed tunes with such soul that it actually obtrudes upon the recorded instruments. I won't be surprised if they're going to excrete a black metal record soon. Try facing this band's impetus and you'll get lost. This is possibly the running year's top release.

Miltos XIC

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