DODSFERD "Fucking Your Creation" (Moribund Cult)

About two years ago, I did a show with the Karawans and met this guy from a band we played with, Nikos. This drunk dude didn’t seem to hide such love for black metal music but I was damn wrong. Later, I found out that, in fact, he’s been running an act of his own, called Dodsferd. And Dodsferd‘s a fucking cool band. “Fucking Your Creation” is a perfect sample for you to be introduced in this Greek act’s music. Obviously attracted to the second wave of Norwegian black metal, Wrath (aka Nikos Spanakis, also in Drunk Motherfuckers, Nadiwrath & Kampf) composes and performs all the songs of this beautiful album (with additional assistance from Archdjevel behind drumkit and Bacchus on bass duties). The record’s aura will submerge you into some seriously necro-metallic moments. Its riffology is reflecting a great operation of the black metal style and, at times, displaying a majestic feeling. In fact, the black metal sense is well manipulated inside the album’s five compositions that I’d rather think those guys are Norwegian. The malignant mood of “Fucking Your Creation” makes me proud of these guys for they serve this musical blasphemy greatly. This record is not recommended to irresponsive fans, though.

Miltos XIC

DEATH COURIER "Demise" (Psychosis)

For those who take any kind of glance in the posts of this WebZine, it is already known that Musikal Æsthetiks rarely supports modern age sounds. Legendary Death Courier couldn’t have come under this category, too. Besides, in early 90s Greek metal scene had to base their talent totally upon the nature of the compositions since sound productions failed to expose the heaviness of songs many times. Even though, the morbidity demonstrated through the unrefined sounds was sometimes really impressive. “Demise” is a death metal record in the vein of old Morbid Angel and Darkthrone’s “Soulside Journey“. Some beautiful chorus key parts bring in mind of mighty Nocturnus as well. The album was released back in 1992 and contains ten death metal hymns through which I discern the homonym track, “Interior Crushfield“, “Mindwarp” and “Bioartificial Lusts” to be their most crushing ones. The vocals of Bill are pretty chaotic and the mood of the songs is purely crusty. You should really try them out for “Demise” is one of the best death metal records ever released in Greece and Death Courier are one of the best acts out there. Now that they are reformed we can expect more music from those guys. And that’s wonderful.

Miltos XIC

GOMGOMA "Sick Theories" promo CD


The first promo CD of Gomgoma, “Sick Theories” is released.

Gomgoma are from Greece and play doom/sludge music. The band released this promo in seven different color tints on the cover and the whole work is totally hand-made.

Promo info:
Recorded and engineered by Dimitri Fotopoulos at Sfageio Studios, Chalkida.
Artwork design by Giorgo Oiljohn. Artwork correction by Milto Papayiannopoulos and Vassili Chasapis.
Additional choruses in the Dwarf Epiklesis by Takis, Tost, Thomas and Billy.
Effects in the Dwarf Epiklesis by Dimitri Fotopoulos.

1. Sick Theory Perpetuity
2.Body Halving (for the Masses)

Copies almost sold out.
You can download the promo for free, of course.

Closure or what?

“Unearthly Trance played our FINAL show in Nagoya, Japan. We will no longer be playing live again. Thanks to all who came to see us over the years!
-Ryan Lipynsky”

On March 14th Ryan Lipynsky of mighty Unearthly Trance posted the announcement above on UT’s official site. It is not that obvious whether the band keeps on recording new stuff but according to Ryan, the band is done with their live rituals.

Unearthly Trance is beyond doubt the greatest doom/sludge act of the zeros and one of the greatest bands ever existed, in fact. That’s a shame to her such news from them but it’s a credit that they’ve decided to abandon (?) UT at the very peak of their carreer.

Two days later after the initial post Ryan expained some more things on this:

“Ok. Here is something that needs to be stated. UT is burnt out on shows. We are. Don’t expect to see us playing in NYC again. We’ve done so many of those that we are good on that. But I will NEVER say that we wont record together ever again as that is foolish…

First and foremost, this is a band of 3 friends. We will remain that way. I think for now UT will sleep, but that doesn’t mean we wont create music with each other in one way or another again. I’m kind of amazed how everyone NEEDS to know 100% if we are done or not? If you are a fan of the band, this message is to let you know we wont say anything like “UT is done forever” or ” Please file under disbanded” – that aint our style.

Pray for those in Japan.


The author’s view on this situation is that we shouldn’t expect to miss Ryan’s talent as long as he’s involved in a bunch of really good bands. The Howling Wind is one of those bands that carries perfectly this composer’s idiosyncrasy, for example. Hails to Unearthly Trance anyway. Still, a LIVING legend!

VIRUS "The Agent That Shapes the Desert" (DIY)

Notice this as a fact; Czral is god. And that’s unconditional. From the black/thrash attack of Aura Noir, the death/thrash fury of Cadaver, the undisputed avant-garde genius of Ved Buens Ende and the schizophrenic paranoia of Dodheimsgard to this newer prosperous effort, his participation is much more than just strolling among the instruments. As a vocalist he is weaponed with unique charisma that allows him to express either aural thumping or twisted, tenor-like performances. As a composer he is able to build acoustic pagentry which is diseased with the virus of lyrical genius and flirts with madness. Typically or not, we are all aware that Virus somehow carry the heavy heritage of Ved Buens Ende. Poised among astral clouds, Virus‘ last excretion, “The Agent That Shapes the Desert“, is one more spiritual child of the trascendental tunes coming from the virgin musical birth of Ved Buens Ende. That’s an uncompromising point of view. I do challenge the ones who think they’ve found out alike music played before them. There’s no much to say about Virus’ third record. Apart from Czral, you can also enjoy Sjurso‘s (Beyond Dawn, Lamented Souls) performance behind the drumkit as well. His perky perception of rhythm is truly astonishing. As for the bass themes, they are saucily performed and totally psychedelic. Buy it or fuck you. Requite yourselves with this musical orgy and you might meet the band’s substance where the flame resides. Inspiration dwells there as well.

Miltos XIC

DEATHHAMMER "Phantom Knights" (Witches Brew)

This almost vibrated my bones. I always wanted to check Deathhammer out but recently I managed to listen to their “Phantom Knights” album. This vile excretion, though, was a big surprise for me. To tell the truth, some months ago, I was shocked by the technical approach in thrash metal in Vektor’s “Black Future” album. In fact, I was deeply touched by that vocal performance ala Don Doty (ex-Dark Angel) that can actually bring tears in the eyes of the unconcerned. Now guess what! Same thing happens again. Sergeant Salsten also sings in the same sick way. Deathhammer are proved to be triumphant over the trite thrash metal melodies of today’s music which seem to have become swoted up replicas of The Haunted or something like that. Fuck me! This got me by the balls. More brutal and raw than Vektor, of course, the sinister hymns of Deathhammer openly aim at the genre’s sunk aggressiveness. These guys pounce on those overprized bands like a beast. They are oblivious of this old musical menace and they grab the chance to sour the new standards. The introducing “Gates of Hades” track starts off with a vocal scream similar to Slayer’s classic, “Angel of Death“. I couldn’t but laugh in benignity because these motherfuckers have actually managed, within few seconds, to expose such power that it devours the whole musical aridity of the last years. Their sound is really big and they’re a fucking duet!!! Don’t ignore this. It exceeds in aesthetics. Buy it.

Miltos XIC

BASTARD PRIEST "Under the Hammer of Destruction" (Blood Harvest)

It’s how you interpret the band behind the image and its appetite also. Bastard Priest have chosen to play metal with all of the sickness it’s related at times. Outstandingly true to their evil harmonies, with the old school element obtruded upon them, they serve the sickest of heavy metal mentors so far. A primitive death metal paranoia, but ever pathless at the same time, as tought by Hellhammer and Autopsy is perpetuated within the record’s ten compositions, plus one cover song by Bombanfall. “Under the Hammer of Destruction“, released in 2010, puts the torn pieces together. Even (early) Entombed vibes can be sensed in this. Well, it’s nice handling with this band’s spontaneous blasphemy, especially when all terms concerning metal music seem to have really lost their meaning, sacrificed in the name of post-modernization. To tap the insane touch from Autopsy, that means also that Bastard Priest are spluttering punk themes inside the musical horror they’ve created. Of course, those punk influences are well tilted below the sonority of their compositions. The necro-metallic playing and the abyssic vocal performance both renovate the air with bad smell. Sovereign in this old school revival, Bastard Priest throw up slimy death metal hymns, pointed towards true death metal fans. It’s up to you on which side you are. Unheeded ears may lose a musical treasure. Just keep that in mind. It’d be unethical to scorn this album anyway.

Miltos XIC

DALA SUN "Sala Dun" (DIY)

The other night it was cold. So very fucking cold, in fact. I’d been to bed too early and my toes were freezing. I couldn’t get used to the frost by no means. Outside the snow was falling soft and the night was white. Today I woke up a little warmer. A coward sun tried to penetrate the chilled ozone. I was run out of cigarettes. I dressed myself up and headed to get some. At my door I found an enclosed envelope sent by domestic comrades, Dala Sun. I bought my nicotine and I entered my apartment once more. I unfolded the package and stared at the cover of “Sala Dun“. Warm, yellow, psychedelic. As if the rays had become hotter. Blood started flowing thicker in me. I surely needed a cold coffee. Rolled the first cigar of the day, then put the record in my CD player. The first notes of “Black Karmageddon” might have brought summer a bit earlier. Dala Sun (means “full of sun”) have probably recorded one of the running year’s top doom albums. In this description I will purposefully avoid terms like “stoner” or “heavy rock” even if this is the band’s intention. Such inspiration! At last, far beyond the so called southern elements that nearly all of the rest of Greece’s bands are dressed with, Dala Sun prove themselves to be kind of messiahs! For sure, there are times that the record’s intoxicating mood references point at stoner (oops! I mentioned it) music but there are also moments like “In Evil” track which brought me in mind the mighty Acid Bath and sludge music’s finest, Ramesses. You can feel the vibes. In fact, if this is the direction they’ll choose in future releases, we may now talk about the birth of a TREMENDOUS band. And I mean universally. That’s a promise. Doom over the world!!!

Miltos XIC

AURA NOIR "Hades Rise" (Peaceville)

The ugliest band in the world is perhaps the best thrash metal band also. Of all time. Homodromous to the direction of their classic as hell, “Dreams Like Deserts” EP, but even uglier and innerved, Aura Noir‘s “Hades Rise” reinstates these Oslo necro-fuckers upon the throne of inspiration and aesthetics. The record’s iracund compositions inwraps the real substance of metal music and the opinionative likes of the band’s members ever leads them to some seriously dangerous musical suggestion. The rock n’ roll vibe inside many tracks betrays the opulent talent of known terrorists, Apollyon and Czral. “Hades Rise” is aroused with unholy party-like sensation and its groove outsmarts most of those so called pioneers of the genre. Of course, the raring Mayhem fans can enjoy shaken down Blasphemer as part of the asylum. Besides, he ever served the mentioned duet’s paranoia well as a fully jointed part of the whole sickness. It’d be worth to mention the thrilling leads of the record which plate its atmosphere with nostalgic terror. So Rick Rozz-ed and (early) Slayer’s Kerry King-ed, with a pretendedly (?) tremolo use! We told you before, this is the real shit. Things are even better than their previous, “The Merciless“, four years before this one. Buy ALL their albums. Instantly. This is beer and Satan! Credit to Danny Coralles (Autopsy / Abscess) for the guest lead in “Gaping Grave Awaits“.

Miltos XIC

BURZUM "Fallen" (Byelobog)

This is the second album created by Vikernes after his discharge and he seems to have been crushed against his own inspiration. That he’s fulfilled with some kind of vision alike to his project’s glorious days it is much obvious. But the pretentious creation of that once black atmosphere fails to show the frisson his previous works did breathe of. Even if Varg keeps doing his demo-like stuff as musical homework, “Fallen” is his first album to date that smells of “new” elements. More clean, more transparent, more feckless. As if he’s entered some studio with expensive material intending to distinguish the old touch of “Belus”, even of “Det Som Engang Var”. The record itself is not that unpleasant. I listened to this many times (believe me) before I make my choice. In fact, the riffs are there, the bass tricks also (even if its ton is recorded at lower volume than this record’s predecessor) and I could say that Varg moves in the right path that he almost recompenses the fans for his ambient musical past which wasn’t that bad at all. I strongly believe that “Hlidkjalf” is still a masterpiece. What’s the real problem anyway? Well, to be honest, I’d have to say that I didn’t enjoy his vocal work. His harsh voice keeps spitting some of the lyrics but when he chooses to sing in clean tone I almost get sick of it. One would say that Varg somehow reveals his Bathory influences and that wouldn’t be wrong. Even if that’s his aim, though, I believe he has failed to be that much convincing. Anyway, the fans will probably appreciate this new Burzum effort even if it’s miles away from Varg’s peerless aesthetics in both music and layout covers. What the fuck is this painting he’s used as a cover for “Fallen” anyway? I’ve got to admit though, it’s suitable to the musical background of the record. Totally up to you whether you like it or not. Varg is here still once more. Just slightly changed.

Miltos XIC

Interview: Obliteration

Plucks and bowels debouched through the resonators. Some revolt at the sight of the bloodshed. There are some other, though, who smile so cynically. This conversation is also thrown in Obliteration’s cauldron of utter disgust. Sindre Solem (vocals, guitar) speaks in well-intentioned mood about sick cooks his company prepares and other stuff, too. All hail the new terrorists of death metal!

How exactly did the old school death metal virus infected Obliteration’s blood? Taking cognizance of your young age and the rest of the modern acts, that’s simply unorthodox.

Hehe I really don’t know. We started out listening to punk and some hard rock/metal stuff and it just kinda grew on us. We developed a taste of organic, pure and true sound and productions in the music we liked, so it came naturally I guess. We were sick of the way bands in the early 2000’s sounded, everything had to be modern and professional to the teeth, with triggers, plug ins , pro tools and all that shit, so the way we started playing music and recorded our material was some sort of a reaction against the modern way of “metal” I guess. Or at least subconsciously, but we knew that we wanted to rock hard.

Carrying the load of such a great record as “Nekropsalms” is, what are your future plans that could make any new effort stink even more than its frowst?

Thank you very much, we’re very pleased with that album. Hehe I’m not sure, we just continue to make our mark on music with trying to go further with our style of death metal. I have a hunch that the next album will be a bit darker and more atmospheric yet more punk influenced. And we’re gonna do some changes and use some different equipment when we record it, to get a deeper sound to it, of some sorts. But you can still hear that it’s OBLITERATION. We cannot overanalyze it, that would take the edge right out of it. So we’ll just go with the flow and try to make another cool record.

Autopsy sweet Autopsy, huh? I was very happy to find out a band which would be that influenced from these US death metal pioneers but not a rip-off copy. Your thoughts on this?

Hehe thanks. Autopsy is by far the sweetest band out there, hehe… Autopsy is the definitive masters of twisted horrific extreme metal and has been one of my (and the rest of the gang’s) favorite band bands for a long time. But we think it’s important to try and make something on our own, not just rip-off and borrow killer riffs… I really like loads of the “Autopsy copy” bands though, like Lobotomized, Bonesaw and so forth. And there’s NOTHING WRONG IN BORROWING riffs, as long it’s done with good intentions, but that’s not the way we work in OBLITERATION. We just want to make killer metal, and put our personal mark on it.

What is the record’s feedback to date? I believe it’s kind of impressing and welcome by most of the fans.

The feedback on NEKROPSALMS has been beyond excellent, both from press, fans and other bands/music personalities. We even won an award here in Norway for it, “Best album from Oslo 2009”. That was pretty insane. All over the feedback has been great, from the most diehard death metal fans, to obscure black metal dudes, to metalpunxs, to hipsters, hehe. You always get someone that doesn’t like it, but so much cool things has happened because of this release, so we don’t care much about the critics. Most of the criticism has been towards the cover art though, hehe.

You’ve toured with a bunch of creepy bands like Deathhammer, the mighty Ramesses and Unearthly Trance. What was it like sharing the stage with these artists? Does one profit another musically?

We’ve only toured with Ramesses, twice, but we’ve played several shows with those bands, and many other great acts. It’s fantastic to share stage with someone that shares the same views on music as us. And by having more killer bands on you create more than a concert, it turns more into an event/show/experience/ritual whatever. So it’s exhilarating for us as a band to play with bands we love, it’s pushes us to do better gigs, and yeah, we can learn a lot from each other while sharing stage, and off course get inspired. Adam from Ramesses have inspired me many times to be a better front man/singer, and I can say the same about Sonic Ritual and Autopsy for example.. Fuck, we’ve played with so many cool bands…

You’ve received compliments from Darkthrone’s Fenriz when he proposed you in his “band of the week” blog posts. Is that stressing you at all?

No, not really, but we really value his support. He’s been a supporter of the band a long time, and his compliments/tips/critic is always appreciated here in the Obli camp. The first times he supported us with complements and so forth I was freaked out, that was pretty stressful. But now it’s all cool, hehe. Met him last night, amazing dude.

The black metal transition in “The Worm That Gnaws In The Night” is simply fantastic. Can we expect such experiments in any of your new compositions?

Thanks dude! It’s one of my favorite parts on the album. Yes, I think you can expect more of that style in our upcoming work. The stuff we’re working on now has a darker edge to it, so it’s pretty safe to say that our 3album will have parts/riffs/tracks that share that same evil feeling as the end of the worm that gnaws in the night. But we just let it flow, so it’s very difficult to tell how the next album will sound, as we’re not finished writing it yet. But it will be killer I’m sure.

How exactly were you able to achieve this warm, organic sound?

You use warm, organic equipment, hehe. We record everything ourselves and analogue (except everything is being saved on a hard disc recorder, not tape L ) and we use our ears when we set the sound on the amps and drums and so forth. We record everything very basic and fast DIY style, without any fancy plug-ins, triggers, pro tools or stuff like that. And we use gear that sound good and warm, like an Orange amp from 1973, and good soulful high gain amps. The important thing is to use our ears and search for the sound we want and the sound that best fit the songs.. Arild, the guitarist and producer of the album had this to say: “We just used our ears and tried to focus on getting the real acoustic sound of the drumkit when we did the mixing, and tried to make everything else fit afterwards…”

I strongly believe that true death metal is somehow in love with doom metal also. I mean, listen to old Morbid Angel, Sadistic Intent etc. What is your relationship with most of the Sabbath-like stuff and how do you perceive this in death metal generally?

Indeed, Doom is a VERY important genre for extreme metal if you ask me. And it provides a whole new dimension and depth to the music. My relationship with Sabbath like stuff is great, I love all that shit. Black Sabbath are GODS to us, but bands like Pentagram, Sleep, Electric Wizard, Coven, Witchcraft, Witch, Cathedral, OM, St. Vitus and so on are also a huge inspiration to us. Black Sabbath inspired stuff is always the music with most soul. I think the doom like parts in extreme metal gives the bands a dynamic and diversity that separates the good from the great, the men from the boys etc. I think that doomy parts give more substance in all the chaos, and are necessary for us in Obliteration to keep it interesting and to spread the horror in the right way.

Punk also seems to have a huge impact on your musical direction. What are the punk bands you’re associated with? I guess, mostly the 80′s ones…

Fuck yeah. The punk attitude is so powerful and very important for good metal. I love loads of old punk like; Testors, Discharge, Sacriledge(demos), Misfits, Bad Brains, Cro Mags, Black Flag, Samhain, Negative Approach, Void, Anti Sect, Dead Boys, Adrenalin OD, Doom and even Bad Religion pluss so much more. But there are loads of cool new crust punk bands out there like Summon the Crows, Dishonarable Discharge, Dishammer, World Burns to Death, Tragedy, Severed head of State, Detestation, Murderess, Speedergarben, Skitsystem, Imperial Leather and so, so much more. Punk is not dead!

When shall we expect the next album? Are new songs in progress or what?

O though one.. We hope we can release it late 2011, but we don’t know yet. We just signed with Indie recordings, so I know that everything around the album will be extremely good. We are working hard on the new album now, but we’re not that far in the progress yet. We have a couple of songs ready, plus loads of parts/riffs. Hopefully it will be done during the summer some time, so we can record it then. I can promise a horrific album, so fans of Nekropsalms will not be disappointed.

End of martyr. Can you name me the five records that got the strongest impact on you personally? Moreover, we’d be glad to hear any new musical suggestions from you.

Shit, there is so many! The first ones are pretty obvious but I’ll try to include some obscure ones. No particular order:

1. Autopsy – Mental Funeral
2. Darkthrone – Goatloard
3. Repulsion – Horrified
4. Aura Noir – The Merciless
5. Black Sabbath – Master of reality

Hehe, not so obscure stuff though, but these albums have all had a huge impact on me. Some other musical tips, new and old: Natur (NYC), In Solitude, Sonic Ritual, Bastard Priest, Morbus Chron, Okkultokrati, Black Magic, Negative Plane, Nekromantheon, Deathroner, Curved Air, Naam, Sarcofagus, Altaar, Execration, Diskord, Summon the Crows, Beastmilk, Hexvessel, Swallowed, Salute, Maim, Mismal, Corrupt(rip), Antichrist, Parabellum, Haust, Utarm, Dream Death, Captain Beyond, Saturnlia Temple, Mare, One Tail One Head and so forth. There is LOADS of great music out there.

Come play in Greece sometime. The last words are yours.

Thanks for this great interview. We would love to play in Greece, please book us! Continue to support the non-conformist underground, be a music freak, have fun and hail Satan.

Interview by Miltos XIC

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