THORNS "Self-titled" (Moonfog)

Prison, they say, it makes your thoughts more mature. Not that Snorre W. Ruch was ever in need to define his musical horizons. Besides, he always looked a little further than his kindred-like fellow countrymen. To create a whole spectrum of musical rituals with just a guitar in some off-hand recordings isn’t the most usual incident. This time, though, Snorre dripped his whole poison in eight compositions. Of course, his ideas were derived by the best ones; he borrows Hellhammer (Mayhem, Arcturus, The Kovenant, etc.) behind the drumkit and Satyr Wongraven (Satyricon) along with earthly god, Aldrahn (Dodheimsgard, The Deathtrip, etc.) behind the microphones. Through a delirium of expressiveness, Snorre delivers the first (hopefully not the last) full-length of Thorns. The record is perfect from its beginning to its end. The moody guitars of Snorre and the incessant live drumming of Hellhammer both are the musical substratum over which Satyr and especially Aldrahn gift us their bottomless talent. Parts like the last riff of “Interface to God” are drowning you to the point you’re gasping for breath (credit to Hellhammer who plays a so torturing rhythm on the snare drum – INSPIRATION!). Logically, it will bring tears in the eyes of every black metal fan of the 2nd wave. Certainly, like another original pioneer, it isn’t put in any kind of contest but is simply here to take the sceptres. For “Thorns” is a record that faces no enemies.

Miltos XIC

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