VED BUENS ENDE "Written in Waters" (Misanthropy)

If I’d ever wish to achieve a certain sound in a record I’d hypothetically been part of, that would be no other than the one of “Written in Waters” album. Ved Buens Ende is a hyper-project consisting of Carl-Michael Eide (Aura Noir, Dodheimsgard, Cadaver, etc.), aka Czral, Vicotnik (Dodheimsgard, Code, Naer Mataron, etc.) and Skoll (Arcturus, Ulver, Fimbulwinter). Their music, despite the fact it might lack in totally technical applications, might be the most unorthodox one that the human ear has ever listened to. So masterly created in order to bewitch body and soul. The chemistry between the three members is simply absolute. The lethargic, crawling riffs that Vicotnik’s guitar vomits are accompanied by an incredibly inspired drumming from Czral (not just a drummer but a great composer also) and some bass lines which move in their own psychedelic soundscapes. Each instrument and its use completes one another in some magical way. When I had first listened to this, I hardly could believe in its power but the truth is that “Written in Waters” is one of those few albums that, lofty and proud, will stand eternally as absolutely unique. The whole record is a highlight and betrays the abilities (of composition and performance) of three musicians who associated with half of Norway’s scene and developed some kind of vision which exceeded the stars. Of course, these creators managed to exceed their own vision. Here, Inspiration’s got hypostasis and avant garde, as term, will accomodate few alike gems since the time of this record’s creation. Oxygen is less necessary than this album.

Miltos XIC

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