IRE "I Discern an Overtone of Tragedy in Your Voice" (The Mountain Collective for Independent Artists, Ltd.)

The secret success of Ire’s music is that they let their compositions breathe alive. This, of course, is achieved due to both the band’s performance and the record’s production. That’s why their tunes sound so threatening and gigantic. “I Discern an Overtone of Tragedy in Your Voice” is an EP release, chronicled back in 1998. It’s not that easy to place Ire’s music under certain labels since they have obvious influences the mixing of which builds an interesting musical hybrid. The rhythm sonar mostly indicates down-tempo and mid-tempo compositions. However, they can’t be described as a doom metal act. They sound more of a technical hardcore band like the unforgettable Catharsis. Plus, the ripped vocal lines of the band (so very sick) bring in mind the tactics of Stephen Bessac from mighty Kickback. In “Sympathy Trial” you can even listen to short black metal parts which are truly shocking. Moreover, the bass performance is tremendous and sounds so very huge. The guitars spit out disharmonic improvisations over their thick, austere play. For sure, this EP is heavy as fuck. It is also legendary in the hearts of fans since strange feelings occur in its content. Its humble power scents of obnoxious insticts. The fact that Ire chose to release this EP is of big importance since its time-length fails to pare down your enthusiasm, actually making you ask for even some more. Try this at any cost.

Miltos XIC

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