FRACTION "Moon Blood" (Angelus)

The ageless bandsmen of Fraction’s blatancy couldn’t have been more inspired and sensational than this. The vocals’ crescendo would be still stuck in the senses even if they were never accompanied by such musical background. A musical background which can depress and praise the spirit afresh. Basked under a psychedelic sun, the cheeky tunes of this fantastic release are doomed to ever serve the countervailed mysteries of the moon. It’s the album’s title after all; “Moon Blood”. For sure, this record can’t have been made by human beings since , in this, the band’s members have probably debunked all of the moon’s substance. Slow pain debouches. Eon seems too short and small to carry the musical heritage of such tunes. The ephemeral group of Fraction may be unaware of the consequences a record like this is actually hiding. Eventually, that sets them as inhuman beings. Five songs. Five poison drops. Dateless and everlasting. Catharsis comes from the past as it seems. “Moon Blood” is a dianoetic masterpiece. At times, they reminded me of The Doors (one of the best bands ever existed) in their narrative moments. This record is made not to displace other alike ones. It’s one of a kind and be sure you will embosom its content without shame, in some expressible way. From the very first tunes of this musical monument you’re going to find the missing parts of your discography collection. For “Moon Blood” is forged ahead agelessness and its fragrant composures will find their throne in the musical kingdom. Give forth the glory of the past! This is here to stay.

Miltos XIC

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