There are artists who eternally change their style in quest of some kind of identity. Some of them, sooner or later, partly manage to achieve this goal. Some others are unfortunately doomed to rot in oblivion. Unearthly Trance are one of those bands that are actually breeding oblivion. Some of us believed that the compositive oestrus of Lipynsky was at the top of its level in “The Trident” album. Personally, I was ever better expressed with the band’s legendary, macabre debut album, “Season of Séance, Science of Silence”. The artistic anxieties of the band also led to the very competent “In the Red” album of 2004 and the slightly more digestible, easy listening “Electrocution” album of 2008. As all seem, though, we were in an awful hurry to judge a HUGE band which looks askance at its far past and shows its teeth once more. With all of the objectiveness that I own, I consider Unearthly Trance’s new effort as their masterpiece to date. The crawling, down tempo compositions of “V” album are performed at the maximum level of inspiration and carry such atmosphere only the 99,9% of modern metal galaxy lacks in. Impossibly unearthly, those three punks from Brooklyn commit a delirium of tenebrous rhythms below the misanthropic prism. This is the time they truly justify the meaning of the band’s name. The surprises in this record are the absolutely essential lead parts of mr. Lipynsky such as the vocal participation of drummer, Darren Verni who literally spits fires! This record is simply the soundtrack of mother Nature, the earth pulse translated in notes. If this band is not memorized in few years away from now, then every musical judgement I own so far is utterly ineffective. Unearthly Trance, though, stand on top of any musical pyramid. Open your fucking ears. It’s about time, at last!

Miltos XIC

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