HEAVENSORE "Asmodai" (Utech)

Noise disturbances through an obsessively minimalistic musical expression. Some few vocal lines colour Heavensore’s darkness with a little more dark. The stringed instruments are crawling. All these things form “Asmodai” which is constituted of three long-winded composures. These Athenians leave you with mixed feelings. They impress with some sheer austerity in their songs and the vibes they’re fetching are cognate with ebon. I have to confess, though, that I was pretty tired, perhaps due to the songs’ length and the insistent frequency of the same riffs. I believe that they got the right mood and they can leave their message to the audience anyway, so the aimless repeative use of some musical parts may be a bit exceeding. On the other hand, they ingrain their down-tempo composures with noise puts able to make ears bleed. It is obvious that they try to create their own musical suggestion. Partly, they have managed to do so. For sure, they seem to have the advantage of being able to create something really special. Besides, the avocation with older projects of some members of the band allows us to believe this way. Overall, “Asmodai” is a good album. Burnt minds will surely appreciate this much more.

Miltos XIC

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