SERPENTCULT "Weight of Light" (Rise Above)

Anyone apprehends music differently from another. In the, undoubtedly, pompous doom element of Serpentcult’s music, I manage to discern an utterly rock structure. Still, though, Serpentcult are playing a much heavier music than Crowbar -for example- do. Their female vocals aren’t, even at least, reducing this orgy of musical megatones. In fact, this contrast they create adds to the genre a variety that can refresh the interest of any fan. Of course, the compositions of Serpentcult are totally based upon their big, big riffs. Michelle Nocon has a beautiful voice and takes advantage of it in the “Weight of Light” album of these British guys. I guess such listenings are gems for the ears and likes of Lee Dorrian and that’s why he’s signed them under his Rise Above label. The record contains spirit and a great, for the genre, production. The fans will experience a healthy evolution of their favourite music which, in this, is strictly lent from the glorious past all those elements which makes it the more and more heavy. Nice record. Really nice record, in fact.

Miltos XIC

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