YAKUZA "Samsara" (Prosthetic)

Within the industrial cancer that’s actually eating the dry rot of humanity, notes and rhythms pop out and some kind of curious existence is vomiting its entrails. Minute by minute, track by track, more and more it increases in you sipping every last molecule of your body. So beautiifully are the notes floating and dancing in delirious tempos like some kind of ceremony takes place inside the innermost pieces of your brain. With every chord beating levels of existence are created and with every breath, dimensions. Many are the sounds that whirl like dervishes in some ecstatic ceremonial dancing. A combination of tripping, power, feeling; all in the cauldron of Creation. This is about a fabulous wedding between sounds and music styles which is not bothering and you never quite ask for constantly. It is played when it must as long as it is willing. It acts beyond law, but with price over all, without much blathering.

Basiliko Entero

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