GRAND DRIVE "True Love and High Adventure" (Loose)

The Beach Boys’ melodies still haunt this world. The Beatles’ ones also. Back in 2000, Grand Drive released one of the most beautiful albums I’ve ever listened to. From its very first notes I was pretty enslaved in its mischievous tunes. Don’t be confused. The album does not hide evil meanings nor is it constructed in any secret concept. This album is counted for each one of the songs it includes. Julian and Danny Wilson nullify any noise and create a great loving mood. Almost nostalgic. Pretty much inventive in pop melodies, they interfuse with the 60′s era and imbue their songs with the brightest of colours. This record almost nerves to be exposed but floats on tranquillity. Songs like “A Ladder to the Stars” expunge great part of today’s (true) pop music from the ecumenical scene. This could be heard far and wide for it flirts with the senses. David Hackbridge Johnson has so beautifully arranged the strings and brass. In “True Love & High Adventure” there are also trumpet, baritone sax, alto sax, flute and piccolo sounds performed by guest musicians. All of them mixed in a stunning way. Grand Drive’s music may sound outdated to some but this is its noble beauty. I’m totally talking about a buried diamond. Know just this: I had bought this album for the price of 2,5 euros only(!!!) from a grand store and, to my surprise, I was totally outfaced by what I listened to. Once you get to listen to this, I assure, Grand Drive’s pawky tunes will be carved in the corners of your brain. Simply brilliant.

Miltos XIC

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