SIGH "Imaginary Sonicscape" (Century Media)

What an album! I was recently recalling the past once again and I was found at the very start of this exact decade, and especially in 2001. The obvious choice of this band is possibly their classic album, “Hail Horror Hail”, but to be honest, “Imaginary Sonicscape” was the first thing I’d ever hear from these Japanese guys. Thus, I’m pretty bound to it emotionally. For those who don’t know Sigh, it’d be wise to mention the fact that they used to be considered by Mayhem’s Euronymous as one of the few, really dark bands. Moreover, Euronymous ever wished to sign them under his Deathlike Silence label. Of course, this never happened. What about the album anyway? Beside the classical arrangements, such as “Impromptu (Allegro Maestoso)”, composed by key virtuoso, Mirai, and the general classical music influences embodied in Sigh’s music, the base of the compositions is the heavy metal riffing and rhythm. And I’d dare say that they’re fully into the NWOBHM era. This, of course, doesn’t limit their performance since they extend their catchy tunes to a pleiad of musical genres like rock (concerning structures), electronica, reggae, even…sunshine pop (!). They damn do, indeed! You’ll find out yourself if you give it a try. The record is accordingly shared between guitar-based and synth-based compositions. The hammond and minimoog tunes of Mirai somehow perfectly fit to Shinichi’s guitar rhythms and A-M-A-Z-I-N-G solo work. The record’s atmosphere is dark as hell, though. Even their brightest moments are tested through the prism of pure evil. It’s really hard to totally describe their music. A classic love it or hate it case. Shatoshi, their drummer, isn’t that good. Japanese guys should never hold the drum sticks again. They suck. Still, though, Sigh is a hyper-cult band anyone should listen to. You’re going to live a somehow primitive experience. Unique!

Miltos XIC

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