PROFANATICA "Profanatitas de Domonatia" (Hell's Headbangers)

Profanatica is frowst. Impeditive to any modernism habit, this band seems to have been buried back to the 80′s. The stylized years of black metal may demand high technique demonstrations or “epic” jokes like Dimmu Borgir but these guys almost mount the revisioned threaten that could be found in the spirit of old Venom or Possessed. They hutch any clean production and show us the ugliest of their faces. Whoever hustles to judge “Profanatitas de Domonatia” for its delinquent result, it’d be wise to mention that some of the band’s members have been part of Incantation’s history. That, of course, means that they don’t lack in musical abilities. Instead, they’re into black metal spirit as everyone who plays black metal music should be. Obtaining credits for this “ancient” obsession, Profanatica will form partite opinions to the audience. The songs are passionate and the vocals are DEATH itself! The ones who dig this one are already populated by sheer porosis. Those guys intend to raid into your house and burn every Jesus Christ portrait or any other christian element that surrounds you. Blasphemy! The record is made by rollick demons dancing their seething dance over the ashes of seraphim. Their down-tempo musical parts are so more into black metal than a Dark Funeral’s speedy riff multiplied ten times faster is. For the nonce, ignore any ridiculous black metal sound that is commonly supported by most of the media and give Profanatica a chance. Your patience will be overdosed. Isn’t that what a black metal fan seeks anyway? Hail these satanic pastors!

Miltos XIC

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