AKERCOCKE "Choronzon" (Earache)

I know many who would logically praise the death/black manifest of Akercocke’s music. It’s still not so used, though, for their name to be referred between the fans’ conversations. And those guys have got five fabulous records already. The members are musical acrobats and the lapses from one genre to another are simply so inspired that with every listening of any of their albums an unvarying result comes up. Their unholy compositions are bloodcurdling and the fact that I chose their “Choronzon” album for this review is just a sample of their beautiful discography. This record contains the unbelievable “Leviathan” track which sums up the ingredients of those British guys’ music. The mentioned track contains such inspiration as other bands need to create a whole album. A blackened atmosphere shares the mood between death and black metal parts and there’s also an avant garde expressiveness ala Ved Buens Ende tactics. The technical abilities of the members are utter and the work that has been done, especially on guitars, is truly breath-catching. “Choronzon” is one of those albums which will be bought by those who know about music and they don’t just fill aimlessly their record library.

Miltos XIC

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