LOVAGE "Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady by" (75 Ark)

In my opinion, Mike Patton is the most complete musician ever existed. He is gifted with an incredibly flexible voice (this guy can sing every fucking thing) and his sense in both melody and noise should be examined in medical laboratories (if it isn’t already examined). Lovage is a project including Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Tomahawk e.t.c.), Jennifer Charles (The Elysian Fields), Dan Nakamura (with the pseudonym “Nathaniel Merriweather”, Handsome Boy Modeling School) and Kid Koala among the many. In fact, this is the only album they’ve ever recorded and they’re deeply missed. “Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady by” contains songs for exactly that purpose; within its sounds you will find music to make love to your (old) lady by. Lovage play trip-hop music. Lovely, sometimes funny, nostalgic, even dark. The impious games between Patton and Charles will make you feel shy. Incomparable in genius, it can’t be loved only by insipient. Overflowing with mischievous intentions, miscellaneous mood, the album is the soundtrack of moribund lovers. Mottled with sex sweat, passion recrudescence and shivering hearts. The classical guitar themes are divine! I fucking mean it. The key parts shunt the sheets off the bed for you and your lover. Jennifer’s performance is ecstatic (“Sex (I’m a)”). The letters given by stealth, red lips, curly retro hairstyles, rose petals on the pavement, wishes within sighs, dance in the autumn rain: all these compose Lovage’s debut full-length album. Its relishable kiss will empty your head of worries and fill mine with more wonders. What else can Patton do anyway? Why must God punish me this way?

Miltos XIC

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