Oh Goss! Due to a friend of mine who is totally in psychedelic listenings, I humblely decided to pore through some of these gems which are pretty hard to be found in the musical emporium nowadays. The presented album is another priceless musical jewel and I feel pretty happy to find it out, even behind time. With the opening track, I discern crumbs of folk temperament below the psych rock execution and vocals that may remind enough of mighty Bob Dylan’s performance. Continuingly, even if dimly, I discern the influence from the supreme The Beatles between the composures that ornate the specific release. The performances are incredible and beyond belief, especially in “Love” where the organ and the violin are both the base of a peerless psychedelic soundscape allowing Ilene Rappaport find expression in her divine voice like another Janis Joplin in delirium. Truly, when I first listened to this, I was in ecstasy, totally shocked by what was actually piercing through my ears and senses. Thrilling! One and only one audition of this record would persuade you about its indisputable quality. It seems that bands fronted by female singers that age really had something special to expose. Just think about Jefferson Airplane. The only thing left to do now is finally find Ruth Copeland’s album from which I’ve listened samples and it seems to be much more than just promised. Until then, I’ve got to listen to “Birth” some countless times more and keep praising this for its unrivalled expressiveness.

Miltos XIC

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