THE ONE "I, Master" (Total Holocaust)

This record begins with a dysharmonic riff, rock n’ roll scented reminding me of the latest works of Satyricon. Continuingly, black metal cries take place with I using his voice like something between a death metal vocalist and Quorthon of the second period of Bathory. Although, the sound of the album reminded me of Destruction’s “Eternal Devastation” album. Do not be confused, though. “I, Master” isn’t a promiscuous album intending to expose the abilities of the band’s members. On the contrary, it is the successful attempt of one man to create a beautiful black metal record. Especially in the times we live, that the term “black metal” seems to be more misunderstood than ever, “I, Master” is a serious musical suggestion that, anyway, disposes chilling atmosphere and exposes the pettish spirit of the genre. The songs’ militant block, at times, reminds of black metal of 1991-1993 era at the Norwegian scene. Specifically when blast beats that define the tempo of the composures are used. The hymnical vocals, such as some epic introductions also, can’t do but bring in mind Bathory of “Hammerheart” album. The down-tempo parts of this record borrow some of Thorns’ homonym grotesque glare. Generally, “I, Master” is a record which (I presume) will satisfy all the black metal fans a lot. But if you consider that groups like Dimmu Borgir are black metal, then you should really obvert your attention elsewheres.

Miltos XIC

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