ELECTRIC WIZARD "We Live" (Rise Above)

Let’s propose a toast! This is one of the most beautiful albums of Electric Wizard in their whole enviable discography. They live. The band exposes its obvious lust for the past and excretes another obscure masterpiece. Faithful to their unique, monotonous style they manage to build labyrinth-like opuses. Liz Buckingham has got the balls and plays some seriously heavy shit. The riffs are performed by flaming, hellish guitars whick cack megatons of power. Electric Wizard are one of a kind! Through sludge baked tunes they sound cajoling and beautifully disturbing. Moving inside a creepy doom terror and short, meaningful lead parts, Electric Wizard’s “We Live” looms from the abyss. Their music is thick and functioned as the depressor nerve of the human body. Yeah, these guys almost leave you numb. The vocal lines of mr. Oborn are perfectly used and so expressive despite the fact that his vocal abilities aren’t that fabulous. They may have become kind of clerical but, dear God, that’s 100% Electric Wizard! The satanic ceremonials and horror b-movies have influenced the band pretty enough so that they present a complete work of alike aesthetics. From the album’s layout to their incredibly mastered video clips. Go check them anyway. This record is deathly insistent (of course not like their grand opus “Come My Fanatics”) and minimally approached with some vintage touch and mystical attachment in its production. The cinematic werewolves have gone loose.

Miltos XIC

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