Interview: Allochiria

A newly introduced act takes its first steps through the domestic scene of Greece. Constantly calling to attention their love for post metal, they are sharing some of their thoughts with Musikal Aesthetiks WebZine.Wes, Tedand Stavros are behind the following words…

Salutations. Introduce yourselves if you please.

Wes: Good evening, Miltos. We are Parts of Unknown – a five-piece band the line-up of which is the following: Vaggelis on vox, me and Stavros on guitars, Ted on bass and Ilias on drums.

Parts of Unknown is somehow a new band. Explain to me where exactly you’re moving through, musically.

Ted: As you say, we’re somehow a new band and we try to form our own personal sound and accent and bring some balance within each one’s listenings. For sure, most of the elements that you’ll find inside our music come from the post metal genre which includes bands like Isis, Russian Circles and Cult of Luna. These three mentioned bands are our main influences also. Moreover, you’ll find some elements coming from the scene of stoner, sludge and progressive which are pretty popular among the band’s members.
Stavros: Indeed, the band was formed in the summer of 2008 and after the change behind the drum-kit (September, 2009) the musical direction was changed also. I agree that we’re into post metal due to our psychedelic sounds and the heav parts which can’t be part of the couplet/refrain norm.

What is this that impels you to write music?

Ted: Music itself. Generally, this whole situation of writing songs that express you and continuingly are presented in front of an audience. The fact that you can contact other bands is also pretty creative. I think that few have realized how exciting is this; four or five people gather from different corners of the world in a studio and they brush aside everything just to create something. Moreover, you’re into the phase of going in this deeper, listen to even more things , attend more shows. It’s a beautiful trip in my opinion.
Stavros: Creation, in general, please every one of us. So, why not making something new when the last thing you made pleased you?

I’ve attended live performances of your band and on stage you’re fabulous. Is the stage your “natural place”?

Wes: This question is kind of funny. Huh, I don’t know if it is, I want us to be exposed this way. Concerning me, I’d like to be more loose on stage.
Ted: The truth is that we’re into internal changes concerning our efficiency on stage as the audience’s response affects us. I believe we have to work this out. Besides, even if only one person truly listens to our songs that means the world to us.

Which are the bands that influence you the most? Isis is one among many, I guess.

Wes: I’d say we’re influenced from post metal, post rock, sludge and progressive scene wherein each one of the band’s members sounds meet one another. Bands like Cult of Luna, Russian Circles, 65Daysofstatic, Tool, Neurosis, A Perfect Circle, Callisto, The Ocean, Baroness, Down, Mastodon, Mouth of the Architect, Rosetta e.t.c. Isis are, of course, our main influence. Each one of us is differently influenced accordong to the rest of music or artists that he listens to.
Ted: As it’s already mentioned above, bands of post meta scene mostly express us. Moreover, we admire bands like Tool and Kyuss. Thereupon, each one of us is dedicated on his own likes which start from sludge and post rock and end up to jazz and heavy metal.

How difficult is it for a band to build up its own identity?

Stavros: Like every thing that exists needs some time in order to become mature, we had to pass through many rehearsals in order to settle on what we’re asking from music and our “collaborators”. All we need is more patience and jamming so that we’re able to consider that the band owns a unique identity.
Wes: This happens because, in music, there are countless genres and bands now. It is quite difficult to create some really new style which will set this unique identity.

Can you pick out any greek band with its own identity?

Ted: I’ll go with Sun of Nothing, a band which, in my opinion, can easily dwell through the foreign scene. Another band I was impressed with recently was Lucky Funeral. Unbelievable energy and callous songs. Concerning the fields we’re into, it’d be worthy for anyone to check out Fields of Locust. Concluding, check out The Brightly Shining Sea’s EP also which, besides its beautiful songs, has an amazing artwork and is performed by an incredible vocalist.
Wes: I’d pick out Tenderness of Wolves whom I recently attended in a live performance and GoodLuckWithTheBombs – a post rock band with interesting elements in their music.

Which would be the dream live show for Parts of Unknown?

Wes: Summertime, in some hypaethral place, where Parts of Unknown are supporting some bigger band. All these of course, when we have reached the level of having some fans of our own among the crowdy audience.
Stavros: My own dream live show would be real if the ones who had attended the show would feel exactly the way we feel when we’re on stage. It’d be more interactive this way.

The things that politically eventuate in our country leave you unaffected?

Wes: They don’t affect our music, for sure. Personally, I believe that even if you want them to be indifferent you can’t actually achieve this but , to be honest, I don’t actually do something for this, too.
Ted: The political acts in Greece are a total disaster. I won’t mention the great economical problems for economy, generally, moves in circles and we are just in some bad turn. We should be more interested about the alienation that technology causes between people; problems that don’t seem to have some kind of solution.

Could you mention the albums which you’d like to compose the music of Parts of Unknown?

Stavros: For me, that would be Isis’ “Panopticon”, Bossk’s second LP and some of the albums that Pelican and Red Sparowes have released.
Ted: I’d want our music to have the atmosphere of “Oceanic” (Isis), the darkness of “Mass III” (Amenra), the anger and pain of any Neurosis release, the bass lines of “Lateralus” (Tool) and the dynamics of “Enter” (Russian Circles). If we’d pick something out of Meshuggah would be cool, also! Ha ha…

Have you had any contact with some record company yet or are you into the DIY attitude?

Wes: Nope, nothing yet. It’s too early after all. Personally, I don’t prefer the DIY attitude. It’s better for any band to be run and distributed via some record company.
Stavros: It’d be wise not to depend on others for they may push you into musical changes in order to fit the audience’s appetites. On the other hand, you see the last of expenditure concerning the recording of the songs. Anyway, we haven’t yet contacted any record company.

I wish you good continuity. Add anything you dig.

Ted: I hope the live stages in Greece are enhanced and at last justify the ticket prices. Moreover, the world should at last give greek scene the advertence that befits it. Let us all be healthy. Thank you for the invitation.
Stavros: Thank you so much. Be well!

Interview by Miltos XIC

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