MOSS "Sub Templum" (Rise Above)

And thereupon the multitudes began in lamentations to reproach the lord Moss with His injustice speaking in this wise: “Almighty, thou art good and merciful; Almighty, we have seen and known thy love; Almighty, we do know thee to be just. Shew us, o Father, wherein lies our sin that we may chastise our iniquities! An evil hour hath meted out to us the direst of calamities: our babes are borne into the world in darkness, blind. Thou hast deprived us of the fairest gift in thy creation. With the breath of life thy love awarded us the light of day; but life in darkness is akin to death: and death we pray thee grant us if the light hath faded from the world for evermore”.
And lord Moss replied: “People that existed through the ages, decimated and reborn; you’ve spoiled the heaven of feelings. People that travesty life, pestilence and infamy will depredate your substance. No way to rectify as you seek solace in the safety of penance. No way to rectify as your skin melts in this dismal world”.

Sub Templum. All your nightmares come true. Lord Moss should be indicted for this freakish creation. The musical mutism. Pain myatonia. Mix Khanate along with Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine and you almost realize what Moss are actually playing. Almost. This album is mourning over man. It spits a glomerate mass of curses. At any direction. Everywhere. If you think you can bear this, give it a try. This is a painful record. Lord Moss is pitiless. The crowd is not pacified. The crowd is silenced…

Miltos XIC
(The ‘plea’ part of this review is lent from K. Kavafis’ poem ”Darkness and Shadows” – a transcription from the French of C.F.C. It is used without permission of its respective owner/owners. Slight editing by Miltos XIC)

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