THE GUESS WHO "Wheatfield Soul" (RCA)

Well, there are obviously many albums to choose through the rich discography of this very important band as favorite ones. This Canadian act has released some really beautiful albums in the long past. “Canned Wheat”, “American Woman”, even their debut album, “Shakin’ All Over” (which contains the BEST cover of the classic, homonym Johnny Kidd & the Pirates track) are some among them. Personally, I believe that “Wheatfield Soul” has more to do with my likes. This record actually fully demonstrates the band’s talent in both composition and performance. Each and every song could be a hit single. Their boozed pop/rock musical style aggregates the substance of a whole genre and acts on behalf of its top moments. Their songs are catchy as hell and that’s the great achievement, in fact. They stick in your brain as if you ever knew those tracks. Besides this, though, this record is so damn important for it it includes the “Friends of Mine” track. A Doors-like opus the groove of which is sensational. Dressed with the best elements of psychedelic rock and some eruptive improvisation, this track is the perfect musical background over which Burton Cummings feels free to unfold his tremendous vocal abilities. And yes, Burton Cummings is among the greatest vocalists of all time. Simply a gem. Buy it.

Miltos XIC

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