BLACK "Wonderful Life" (A&M)

Instant nabbing. Noonday and the sun rays provide warmth in heart. “Black” is the paronym of euphoria. I am partial to this, indeed. Melody is the word after all. With the introducing homonym song all thoughts vanish. Quaff life for what it’s worth. This record is revealing. Created not with simulation. Sincerity is overflown in this. The tilde waves, the magnified senses, the mediating messages. Everything nighs your innermost sorrow, joy, helplessness or hope. You’re going to feel like soaring in a hyoid arch. You may be possessed by ideomotion. Don’t be surprised if you feel indifferent at any problem that’s torturing your brain. “Wonderful Life” is an ingenious construction. The title says it all, anyway. Beauty and eutaxy intertwine. The vocal lines are manoeuvring through the Chris Isaak tactics and they’re so expressiveness oozed. Black’s debut album is going to buy you the nescience needed in order to make you overprize any given moment. It leaves non-fading marks that, in fact, are pretty profitable for you. Good mood shall perfuse. This is the music of the vast oceans and it’s going to punt you in. Its nostalgic tone holily cleanses your everyday worries. This sometimes brings me in thought of The Mission – a band that has composed musical masterpieces, in my opinion. Know better than to ignore this. My favourite track off of this release is the well-known “Everything’s Coming up Roses” but generally the rest of the songs are of alike motif. This is reviving. I might press the “play” button once more since I need a total revitalization. It ever beats my hands down.

Miltos XIC

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