PSYCHOTIC WALTZ "Into the Everflow" (Dream Circle)

OK, let me set things clear: I can’t be objective in what I’m going to write for this album for I still consider Psychotic Waltz as the most cult group ever existed despite the fact that they were supported a great -and respectful- percentage of fans. Purposefully, I chose not to review their debut full-length because simply there aren’t yet such words to describe its glory and size. So I’ve got to go with the review of their second album, called “Into the Everflow”. The co-operation between the band members gives the word chemistrya brand new definition. The unorthodox way they constructed their songs with is still a subject to be talked about for days. The work from guitarists Brian McAlpin and Dan Rock is beyond imagination and somehow unreachable to date. The mass of their sound almost creates some choking atmosphere, into the daze of which each listener is unwillingly dragged. Buddy Lackey (now Devon Graves) expanded even more his vocal range singing some really twisted lines which weirdly fit to the musical background. This record might have been his most sensational work so far. The rhythmic co-operation within Norm Leggio and Ward Evans set a so strong base that cannot be penetrated at all. Although, in this, I miss Norm’s outstanding breaks as exposed in “A Social Grace” album, I have to admit that this is a much more coherent performance. This is the Art of all arts! The heaven melodies and majestic crescendos of the band are samples of five musicians who ever thought and acted beyond the short limits of musical idiosyncrasy. The uncommited elite takes a journey through our mind, in through the endless colored waves. Be sure not to ignore this artistic delirium.

Miltos XIC

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