EXTREME VIOLENCE "Ecstasy in Pain" (Sevared)

Despite the fact that the band’s members would possibly disagree with me, I’d dare say this: fuck Cannibal Corpse! This is the real threaten. Almost six years have passed since the excretion of this album but it seems to still be unreachable concerning brutal death metal in Greece. Yes, there are many who hill hustle to remind me the existence of mighty Inveracity or Mass Infection perhaps but, lo! The star of “Ecstasy in Pain” is effulgent. Compound with the darkest and most disgusting elements of terror. This domestic bomb is still tested whether it has exploded or not yet. I’d be curious to see Alex Webster’s virtuoso face when he listen to this one. Ten tracks of total abhorrence. Ten tracks accelerating the end of the world. If you think you’ve listened to substantial brutal music, try this one. Painted with the colours of sickness, this album is the opposite of slumber’s definition. Purity through ugliness. An ultra-violent wallop. The guitar themes praise the unorthodox construction of Suffocation. There’s not even a fucking pause! Unrelentless, weltered in blood, rendered with despiteful anger. A sinews orgy! These guys make you proud for being greek and they’ve created an ever pointful record. That’s an ethnical propitiation. Be nourished by shit. Be nourished by life. Do you really think you’re nervy?

Miltos XIC

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