MONKEY3 "39 Laps" (Buzzville Records)

It was a beautiful evening somewhere in the straits of Lausanne, at the places of Frenchy Switzerland, that four people were gathered and sat by the shores of Geneva’s lake. Through brain processions and inner trips they fictionally created a flying saucer. It was called “39 Laps” and its chieftains were Picasso, Walter, Boris and dB – aka Monkey 3. The purpose of this flying saucer creation was a journey beyond astral limits and commonly human mapped regions.The astral-ship’s engines are filled with energy while “Xub” (the album’s first song) slowly lifts this heavy vehicle up. It increases its speed due to “Last Moulinao” just to cross this planet’s gravity and head towards the distant stars and the chaotic nebulas. The flight has well begun and the journey is not yet completed when “Driver” holds the steering wheel, all inions, and moves through the far stars beyond the interplanetary system. Its destination, even far, does not bother for the journey is so beautiful and chilling and at the same time elevating. “Jack” pushes the button of hyper-system and the speed still increases. As we surpass the speed of light and we cross the Underspace through worm-holes, we reach unknown places where stars are born and die, space-times are diluted. Then comes “Je et Bikkje” to set things straight once again for the crew and passengers of the flying ship. It is time for touchdown somewhere far (of course) while “Once Upon a Time in the West” is soothing our ears with its breath, and we awake through hypnosis when the craft’s PC system pauses its function. Now it’s time for us to touchdown some familiar terra. Last note, last tempo, last sound. The trip is over and I’m back in green fields awakening only to press the “play” button once again. Until I step in the flying saucer for one more trip… Even one more, one more, one more e.t.c.

Basiliko Entero

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