SLOUGH FEG "Animal Spirits" (Profound Lore)

Mike Scalzi and co. have progressed their sound with new tactics that honour both their musical past and influences. The influences embodied in their music are not illuminant, though. It’s pretty hard to discern the exact pieces that form the Slough Feg’s compositions. To be honest, “Animal Spirits” has little to do with the previous albums of the band. Not at the same quality point of “Down Among the Deadmen” or my favorite “Traveller”, it still pleases the audience with its uniqueness. Besides, (The Lord Weird) Slough Feg have served heavy metal music in wise ways for so long. The tunes of “Animal Spirits” are sonorous and still carry this band’s heavy heritage. Some times melodic, other times epic, Slough Feg’s musical vision is led by incessant riffology and rhythms that often hide a folk vibe. The songs in this record float in sheer uniformity and thunderous mood. Once more, the band’s spine is the talent of Mike Scalzi who writes short, uplifitng hymns with nerved easiness. Each one of Feg’s records is suggested for a heavy metal succusion and “Animal Spirits” comes to praise once more the name of this great band.

Miltos XIC

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