FLOTSAM AND JETSAM "The Cold" (Driven Music Group)

Except their “Doomsday for the Deceiver” debut full-length and the “No Place for Disgrace” album, I must admit I’m not that well associated with the rest of this band’s discography. But any news for a Flotsam and Jetsam album is good news, I guess. Having already read some really good reviews for their new excretion I couldn’t but listen to this, at last. Well, “The Cold” is possible to be proposed as the top release of the year (since in Europe it was released later than its initial date). I know that it’s too early to claim something like this but these guys obviously live a second youth. The introducing, grievous tune of “Hypocrite” cheats the audience on what’s about to follow. Gigantic, swirling mid-tempo compositions victimize the listener from the beginning to the end. Some really interesting and unveiled leads spit the twitching melody needed in order to fill you with audient poison. As if Titans battle! Music that’s just HEAVY AS FUCK! Moreover, the penitent ink of Erik Knutson delivers him of his personal demons. His performance is ecstatic, even cathartic. I may sound as arrogant but I haven’t heard such a vocal performance since Queensrÿche’s gem, “Operation: Mindcrime”. All these, of course, dressed with a modern, heavy production consist with a top metal release. I’m sure there’ll be consonance among the fans who don’t impact to the band’s evolution. Mark Simpson fucking rules! It’s a shame he’s abandoned Flots at this stage of their carreer.

Miltos XIC

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