DEATH COURIER "Demise" (Psychosis)

For those who take any kind of glance in the posts of this WebZine, it is already known that Musikal Æsthetiks rarely supports modern age sounds. Legendary Death Courier couldn’t have come under this category, too. Besides, in early 90s Greek metal scene had to base their talent totally upon the nature of the compositions since sound productions failed to expose the heaviness of songs many times. Even though, the morbidity demonstrated through the unrefined sounds was sometimes really impressive. “Demise” is a death metal record in the vein of old Morbid Angel and Darkthrone’s “Soulside Journey“. Some beautiful chorus key parts bring in mind of mighty Nocturnus as well. The album was released back in 1992 and contains ten death metal hymns through which I discern the homonym track, “Interior Crushfield“, “Mindwarp” and “Bioartificial Lusts” to be their most crushing ones. The vocals of Bill are pretty chaotic and the mood of the songs is purely crusty. You should really try them out for “Demise” is one of the best death metal records ever released in Greece and Death Courier are one of the best acts out there. Now that they are reformed we can expect more music from those guys. And that’s wonderful.

Miltos XIC

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