AURA NOIR "Hades Rise" (Peaceville)

The ugliest band in the world is perhaps the best thrash metal band also. Of all time. Homodromous to the direction of their classic as hell, “Dreams Like Deserts” EP, but even uglier and innerved, Aura Noir‘s “Hades Rise” reinstates these Oslo necro-fuckers upon the throne of inspiration and aesthetics. The record’s iracund compositions inwraps the real substance of metal music and the opinionative likes of the band’s members ever leads them to some seriously dangerous musical suggestion. The rock n’ roll vibe inside many tracks betrays the opulent talent of known terrorists, Apollyon and Czral. “Hades Rise” is aroused with unholy party-like sensation and its groove outsmarts most of those so called pioneers of the genre. Of course, the raring Mayhem fans can enjoy shaken down Blasphemer as part of the asylum. Besides, he ever served the mentioned duet’s paranoia well as a fully jointed part of the whole sickness. It’d be worth to mention the thrilling leads of the record which plate its atmosphere with nostalgic terror. So Rick Rozz-ed and (early) Slayer’s Kerry King-ed, with a pretendedly (?) tremolo use! We told you before, this is the real shit. Things are even better than their previous, “The Merciless“, four years before this one. Buy ALL their albums. Instantly. This is beer and Satan! Credit to Danny Coralles (Autopsy / Abscess) for the guest lead in “Gaping Grave Awaits“.

Miltos XIC

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