MERCILESS "The Awakening" (Deathlike Silence)

This is the first release of Euronymous’ Deathlike Silence Productions label. Let’s mention some words off of this record’s song titles; hate, dead, dreadful, dark, dying, death, denied. It might be easy now to realise that these guys are not that cheerful. In fact, the title of the opening track explains it all: PURE HATE! Pure hate demolishing all. Those were times when artists didn’t account for their firing fury that much. “The Awakening” is not that accesible. Everything is immolated for the achievement of their sacred aim. We told you before; pure-fucking-hate. The band shows forth its unholy hymns using the thrash metal tactics below the black metal prism. The result is a menacing record, constantly attacking. “The Awakening” contains eight songs of unrelenting fury. To parallel it with, I’d mention old Destruction and old Aura Noir. It is raw and possessed by demonized performances. Rogga (Gehennah, Satureye, Hellfire) spits blasphemies lke a maniac beast. Riffs like the one of “Bestial Death” remind me of mighty Possessed. This songs could be part of the “Seven Churches” album of the latter, in fact. Anti-amiability, hatred and revenge are senses that occur after this record’s listening. So it’s totally up to you if you want to try this one. Attention! The demo versions of some of these songs are even more freakish. Excellent! “There is no god, just pain and starvation…”

Miltos XIC

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