REVERSED NATURE "Nature Reversed" (DIY)

When I first saw Reversed Nature on stage with Angelica on vocals, I thought that she should keep the tone of her voice a bit lower. This recording comes to do justice to my opinion. Angelica sings in a short and sweet way and generally has a clean voice. Reversed Nature’s music should be tested spherically since the crumbs of psychedelia it contains, along with its abstracted rhythms, can’t be measured in chords or riffs. The obvious thing is that the band intends to create some kind of atmosphere. They are pretty narrative and that’s something which must be handled carefully. Let’s just say that in “Intergalactic Fractal Constellation” Angelica begins narrating the lyrics trying to be as faithful as possible to the running tempo. Antonis does exactly the same thing when he sings in “Silver Crow of the East”. The nature, though, of Reversed Nature’s songs is totally free-form and I believe that so should be the vocal use from the two singers. The soundscapes that the bass playing creates are beautiful and many times minimal. I’d dig listening its sound without distortion at times, though. The drum themes are simple and stable enough and serve the mood inside the band’s compositions. Of course, the whole sense of the record reminds me of studio rehearsals and that’s something I reckon only positively. The use of samples is damn good and adds to the whole mind burning tactics, indeed. The record’s sound is good, too, but I’m going to bitch a little more. Besides, these kids are my friends and they know that what I say is well-intentioned. I’d prefer the vocals mixed in lower volume levels and the instruments in higher ones- especially the drums. The vocals partly overshadow the musical background and the drums, at such a line-up, are the only instrument that can define the depth of each song. What about the compositions anyway? The music that Reversed Nature have chosen to play isn’t that easy. In a country where the local scenes are fucked up by hardcore and stoner wannabe messiahs, Reversed Nature struggle to find some kind of response. Of course, even though it looks so futile, I support bands like them ten times more not because they happen to be my friends. But because I truly like their music and if there’s a damn hope for the birth of something new musically, this hope can be only in brains like their ones. Short masterly moments are here to be found out like, for example, the introduction of “Land Destruction”, the last musical part of “Caliban” before its inglorious ending, seconds round the 11th minute of “Sadness Madness” e.t.c. That the records lacks generally in kindred coherence betrays the fact that Reversed Nature are a band consisting of fans with love for music and not just musicians that build for random audiences. And that’s what’s important in this. Simply as that. What’s done is done due to keenness. The album’s layout is also dressed due to keenness with some interesting drawings by drummer, Lefteris. They are beautiful. Support them.

Miltos XIC

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