BASTARD PRIEST "Under the Hammer of Destruction" (Blood Harvest)

It’s how you interpret the band behind the image and its appetite also. Bastard Priest have chosen to play metal with all of the sickness it’s related at times. Outstandingly true to their evil harmonies, with the old school element obtruded upon them, they serve the sickest of heavy metal mentors so far. A primitive death metal paranoia, but ever pathless at the same time, as tought by Hellhammer and Autopsy is perpetuated within the record’s ten compositions, plus one cover song by Bombanfall. “Under the Hammer of Destruction“, released in 2010, puts the torn pieces together. Even (early) Entombed vibes can be sensed in this. Well, it’s nice handling with this band’s spontaneous blasphemy, especially when all terms concerning metal music seem to have really lost their meaning, sacrificed in the name of post-modernization. To tap the insane touch from Autopsy, that means also that Bastard Priest are spluttering punk themes inside the musical horror they’ve created. Of course, those punk influences are well tilted below the sonority of their compositions. The necro-metallic playing and the abyssic vocal performance both renovate the air with bad smell. Sovereign in this old school revival, Bastard Priest throw up slimy death metal hymns, pointed towards true death metal fans. It’s up to you on which side you are. Unheeded ears may lose a musical treasure. Just keep that in mind. It’d be unethical to scorn this album anyway.

Miltos XIC

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